Blankface - S/T 7in (Pink Vinyl)

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Blankface was a shortlived (1997-1999) punk band from Chapel Hill, NC that were staples in the region playing with a wide variety of bands with their sound that transcended across indie-rock, punk, emo, etc) fits right in alongside bands like saves the day, jimmy eat world, etc from back in that timeframe they existed. great band, holds a special place in my heart. band members went onto be in bands such as milemarker, he is legend, classic case, etc. these songs were meant to be used on their sophmore release which never came to be. playing two reunion shows since disbanding they decided to put the material together on Ideas Records. Ideas which is ran by drummer Sean Husick has since released this album digitally and now on vinyl in a limited number. includes a digital download!

Pink Vinyl
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