Cold World / Hummingbird of Death - split LP (Black Vinyl)

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"On this split LP, released by the legendary Deep Six Records, Boise fastcore band Hummingbird of Death join forces with Austrian thrashcore band Cold World. Interestingly enough this release marks the 25th anniversary for Cold World. Initially active from 88′-94′, Cold World reunited in 2008 and have returned to cranking out extreme jams for old fans and the uninitiated alike. While the long running Hummingbird of Death need no introduction to some but for those unfamiliar the roots of HOD lie in the spring of 2004 and after a demo, 2 EPs, 7 splits, and 2 LPs, Hummingbird of Death continue to lay waste to sore eardrums the world over with this split LP.....snip,....
Rating: 9/10
FFO: Magrudergrind, Sidetracked, Backslider, Scholastic Deth
Label: Deep Six Records
Release Date: 15 August 2013"-American Aftermath

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