Cara Neir - Portals to a Better, Dead World LP (Black Vinyl)

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"Texas blackened punk duo CARA NEIR return with their newest and most powerful record to date: PORTALS TO A BETTER, DEAD WORLD, a followup to their sophomore full-length, 2011's impressive Stagnant Perceptions. The LP, which will be released on October 31, 2013 by BROKEN LIMBS and HALO OF FLIES, will be Cara Neir's first vinyl pressing. The result of painstaking, time-intensive attention to detail, Portals to a Better, Dead World sees Cara Neir on the very top of their game and a chance for fans and supporters to own something truly special. Those that have followed Cara Neir's increasingly sophisticated and accelerating career will not be disappointed by this ferocious, catchy album. "
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