Totally Slow - S/T LP (Red Vinyl)

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Totally Slow is a rocking fun little three piece band hailing from my hometown of Greensboro, NC. long rooted in the area through many years and many different bands across the region these guys know a little something about putting together some fantastic tunes.

this three piece spans to a variety of styles not really favoring one in particular but still cohesively allowing you to easily follow long and keep wanting more- catchy lyrics, some surf elements, fast punk rock and a nice dash of quality lyricism. for me personally its insanely catchy punk rock on the poppier side that gets stuck in your head for weeks on end - this one is vastly different than our normal catalog of releases stylistically but the same drive and fiery passion shows through - for me its pop punk(ish) for people who hate pop punk(ish)

its a quality record, by some quality folks in the area, I hope some of you like it as much as we do.

co-released with our fellow NC label buddies at Self Aware Records - and available from the band, at a variety of local music shops around Greensboro and Charlotte, and online from both labels and select distributors.

1st press is limited to 500 copies on red vinyl w/ free digital download.

FFO: throwing Dead Kennedys, superchunk, early descendents and 90s lookout punk into a blender.

Self Aware Records carries a vastly different catalog of releases/distro titles also if you'd like to snag other items from them instead - you can order it: here

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