Graves at Sea - This Place Is Poison LP (Black Vinyl)

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"After a too-long dormancy, underground doom desperado s GRAVES AT SEA have risen again. Now based in Portland and buoyed by a killer new rhythm section, the slow-mo sludge sluggers are set to crush all over again, as evidenced on this 12-inch EP. The A-side "This Place Is Poison" brings it all flooding back… ugly, crusted-over guitars anchored away by swampy bass and pounding drums all bathed in tortured howls and pained shrieks, but in shaking off the cobwebs GRAVES AT SEA has emerged reanimated with a heretofore unheard speed… at least when compared to their swamp-crawl slow of the past. On the B-side, Black Sabbath's "Orchid" and "Lord of This World" get bold re-imaginings: "Orchid" is eroded beyond its essence into a morose march toward death, while "Lord of This World" is reconfigured with the grim elements of blackened bleakness from the last 23 years--crust-heavy riffs, sonic shifts, bilious hisses--stunningly taking the original to a dark, frightening place worthy of the titular Lord himself. Devastating, desperate doom." - Eolian Empire Records

140G black vinyl, black with metallic gold ink jackets, , limited to 1000 copies and almost sold out.

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