About Us

Headfirst! Records is a DIY hardcore record label based out of Greensboro, NC founded in the summer of 2007.

We work with a closely knit community of artists and friends to try to release projects we feel are worthwhile and work hard to exceed the expectations or just "being average" coming into our 35th release in 2017 we have had a very satisfying run thusfar and have the past few years expanded into a bit of an online record shop in addition to our own releases.

bands we've worked with in the past:
Torch Runner, Young and in the Way, Low Sky, Discourse, Die Young(TX), Autarch, False Light, Funeral Chic, Gut Feeling, Vestiges, Starve, Holder's Scar, Mourning Cloak, Dogs Eyes, etc (check our Discography page for more detailed info.

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