HF.9 - Losing Skin / Parasitic Skies - Split EP
Release Date: September 1st, 2011
Format: Vinyl

Pressing Info:
Full Color 1st pressing
#/10 - Label Test Press w. Xeroxed Cover artwork. #'d
/30 - Translucent Red Vinyl w. bonus B&W Cover Art Variant included with preorders only.
/245 - Translucent Red Vinyl w. Standard Cover.
#/25 - Translucent Red Vinyl w. Losing Skin Tour Covers (Celtic Frost Rip)

"Parasitic Skies, serve up their final two tracks as a band. this now defunct XVX band from the Seattle area play a dark fast crust ridden blast of misanthropic hardcore. similar in vain to Catharsis, Gehenna, Integrity, etc

Losing Skin provide two more hardcore and metal driven tracks for their side which is absolutely crushing, the first vinyl release for these Spokane, WA natives. who we have released a full length on Blasphemour Records on CD and another vinyl EP with us since!"


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