HF.7 - Torch Runner / Young and in the Way - Split EP
Release Date: June 1st, 2011
Format: Vinyl

Pressing Info:
1st pressing
Two-sided foldover cover. Screenprinted insert/lyric sheet.
#/15 - Label Test Press w. inversed art Cover (says /10 but #'d to 15/10)
/50 - Grey Marble Vinyl w. two Vellum overlays available via Preorder only.
/100 - Grey Vinyl w. Standard Cover. 50 available from each band.
/350 - Black Vinyl w. Standard Cover.

2nd pressing
Two-sided Foldover cover w/ lyrics worked into inside.
/100 - Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl w. #'d insert. (Australian Exclusive for Ritual Music and Books)
/300 - White Vinyl w. Standard Cover.
/300 - Red w/ Black Haze Vinyl w. Standard Cover.

"The debut vinyl release for us that started it all more or less! A pairing of two of the top bands in North Carolina well before either had fully reached their full potential (and they ruled even back then!!). Both bands have went on to do great things beyond our region since these earlier days and continue to amaze me at each step of the way."


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