HF.30 - Future Primitive - Over It EP
Release Date: April 1st, 2016
Format: Cassette

Pressing Info:
1st pressing:
/100 - pro-duplicated cassettes w/ Standard J-Card. White Shells w/ Black Imprint

"We did a small run of cassettes for Greensboro, NC locals Future Primitive of their Over It EP for them to sell at shows. At different times in the short span this band existed I went from hating them to loving them. Their first demo was a bit disjointed and a mesh of styles as each member brought sounds from previous projects together and it all sorta got meshed together.

They played relentlessly around the region, growing as both people and a band "finding themselves" if you will with this recording. Great crossover thrash, was happy to try to help showcase them to some others out of the state. They recorded one more demo after this and now most of the members have moved onto a new/continued project under a different name."


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