HF.28 - Gut Feeling - 2015 EP
US release co-released with Bitter Melody Records
released w. different packaging by Goodwill/SP Discos in Europe/S. America
Release Date: April 20th, 2015
Format: Vinyl

Pressing Info:
Screen Printed French paper Covers w. hidden glow in the dark background and digital download code.
1st pressing
#/15 - Label Test Press w. no cover
/100 - Glow in the Dark Vinyl w. Standard Cover.
/150 - Black Vinyl w. Standard Cover.
/250 - Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl w/ Standard Cover

NCHC veterans Gut Feeling return with their first new recording since 2012 S/T EP. Gut Feeling features former members of Catharsis, Undying, Torch Runner, Nightbear, and others.

Like the previous EP, the 2015 S/T EP was engineered by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business (Greensboro, NC). Six new tracks of fast hardcore punk, a little reminiscent of early 2000’s hardcore like Champion, Modern Life is War, Comeback Kid. This EP, like the previous EP, will be released as a joint collaboration between Headfirst! & Bitter Melody Records. The packaging is absolutely stunning with illustrations by Thomas Sara and screenprinted by Death By Ink printing. We have some really special stuff in the works for this 7". (If you saw the packaging for round one, you should know this will not disappoint!).


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This has been a Headfirst! Records Production.