HF.26 - Losing Skin - Skeleton Crew EP
Release Date: January 30th, 2015
Format: Vinyl

Pressing Info:
Full Cover two sided covers, first 100 orders or so included a bonus Skeleton Crew patch. the Tour exclusive was sold on tour and fullfilled upon returning home
1st pressing
#/8 - Label Test Press - Grey Smoke Mixed Vinyl w/ Bruiser Brody Cover.
5 deep red w/ black smoke, available to band members only.
/15 Deep Purple - Tour Order Exclusive.
30 Purple Marble w/ Standard Covers.
36 Translucent Red/Black Smoke w/ Standard Covers
214 Bubblegum Pink w/ Standard Covers

5 song live studio session from Spokane WA riff heavy metallic hardcore outfit Losing Skin. following up their Blasphemour Records debut full length - this serves as a raw visceral look into the band - along with this vinyl release there are full HD videos online of the live studio session this comes from.


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