HF.23 - Die Young (TX) - Chosen Path EP
Release Date: May 12th, 2014
Format: Vinyl

Pressing Info:
Full color glue pocket covers, 4 panel insert, digital download code
1st pressing
#/15 - Label Test Press w/ Test Press Cover.
/50 - Special Edition Splatter (not available yet)
/100 - Toxic Vinyl w. Standard Covers
/150 - Toxic w/ Black Splatter Vinyl w. Standard Covers
/150 - Black Vinyl w. Standard Covers
/250 - Toxic w/ Black Smoke w. Standard Covers

"We were really excited to work together with Die Young both on those this release and their split EP with Confronto - as well as becoming friends with Nikolay at Ugly and Proud records who released the 12" version of this in Europe. a reunited and strong showing back, we went all out for both the packaging and the vinyl options on this one and it is truly a beautiful release not to mention just killer on the musical front. I am very proud of how this project turned out and am glad we worked together to bring it to life. They have since released a new LP on Good Fight called No Illusions."


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