HF.22 - Totally Slow - Self-Titled LP
Co-released with Self Aware Records.
Release Date: November 15th, 2013
Format: Vinyl

Pressing Info:
Full color, 2 sided insert, digital download code.
1st pressing
/10 - Label Test Press w. Blank Cover.
/500 - Translucent Red Vinyl w. Standard Cover.

"My friendship with members of Totally Slow are rooted back to my earliest of fledgling punk days some 20 odd years ago now, at the time of this recording they were a 3 piece, playing an almost sugary sweet blend of a cross between earlier surf inspired Descendents, Superchunk, and a bit of the snarl/fierce attitude of Dead Kennedies.

You may notice this is one record that is a bit outside our usual wheelhouse for releases, and it kind of is. We release what/who we love and we love Totally Slow through and through, this album is 100% an indie/punk gem. It was also our first time working with Self Aware Records, the whole process and cast involved in this LP is top notch. They have since recorded/released another LP with Self Aware and Negative Fun records entitled "Bleed Out" and recruited another long-time friend as a 2nd Guitarist.

ex- Rights Reserved, Eagle Bravo, Manamid, Decoration Ghost, etc."


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