HF.20 - Holder's Scar - 2013 Tape EP
Release Date: August 22nd, 2013
Format: Cassette

Pressing Info:
1st pressing:
/100 - pro-duplicated cassettes w/ Standard J-Card and Insert. White Shells w/ Black Imprint

"Holder's scar is one of the best kept secrets of Greensboro, with members booking a lot of the fast hardcore and punk bands coming through town as well as playing in a number of different bands over the past few years, Holder's Scar is one of the ones that has remained after others are long broken up.

This 2013 EP was released on cassette for them to sell on tour and they've since gone on to do a vinyl release with To Live a Lie Records and a couple of other tapes. current/ex-members of lots of other bands here - Holder's Scar has remained my favorite, a standout of the hardcore punk scene in our region."


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