HF.19 - Hollow Tongue - Godsnakes EP
Release Date: July 19th, 2013
Format: Cassette

Pressing Info:
1st pressing:
Pro-duplicated, with Two Color Screenprinted J-cards from Deathbyink, patch, and 1" button.

/50 - White Shells w/ Black Imprint
/50 - Translucent Orange Shells w/ White Imprint

"We've got quite a few submissions over the years, but for the most part we tend to work with people we already know or friends of friends, one day out of the blue after already having listened to/loved their other material Hollow Tongue hti us up about possibly releasing their new recording, it blew us away and within a few weeks of honing the artwork together we have everything off to be made, and did a run of 100 cassettes which quickly sold out.

fast grindcore, with heavier elements thrown in fits right in alongside bands like Dead in the Dirt, False Light, Torch Runner and others. This was a stellar looking release also. the packaging was one of the best tapes we've done to date. Their facebook page had some activity in early 2017 and looks like a new project is underway! worth keeping an eye on!"


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