HF.18 - Autarch - The Death of Actiacus LP
Tape Release Date: May 21st, 2013
Vinyl Release Date: May 22nd, 2014
Vinyl co-released with All We Know Records.

Pressing Info:
pro-duplicated, Screen Printed J-card printed by Deathbyink, insert, artwork by Nate Burns
/100 - Clear Shells w. White Imprint.

Standard Jackets, 2 sided insert, Remixed and Remastered, new artwork by Nate Burns, black dustsleeves
/15 - Label Test Presses, Plain Jackets. 5 to band, 5 to both labels.
/300 - Grey marble Vinyl w. Standard Covers.

"Asheville, NC natives Autarch blew us away with their full length, at the time of recording we didn't have funds to throw at a proper vinyl release and offered up doing tapes for them, we got artist Nate Burns to expand on the concept of the album and create the cover artwork which Deathbyink then printed for us on heavy french paper cardstock.

Skip forward a remix and remastering job that pulled this from a great release up to a must listen and we teamed up with All We Know Records to release to give the new expanded version a much deserved vinyl treatment. We once again tapped into the artistry of Nate Burns to bring the cover to life. they've since went on to release a split LP with Soothsayer and have another record coming out with the most excellent Landbridge. if you dig bands like Ekkaia, Cult of Luna, Fall of Efrafa, etc you NEED to give Autarch a spin.


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