HF.17 - Young and in the Way / Moral Void - Split EP
Co-released with Antithetic Records
Release Date: September 30th, 2013
Format: Vinyl

Pressing Info:
1st pressing
#/25 - Label Test Press w. Test Press Cover
/100 - "Blackout Edition" Black vinyl w/ black center labels. Screen printed black on black cover variant printed by Deathbyink
/200 - Grey Marble Vinyl w. Standard Cover
/300 - Clear w/ Black Smoke Vinyl w. Standard Cover. Deathwish Exclusive variant
/400 - Black & White Splatter Vinyl w. Standard Cover

"Charlotte, NC's blackened crust outfit Young and in the Way return for their 2nd release on both Headfirst! and Antithetic Records sharing one side of a split with fellow AC//13 warriors Moral Void. YAITW continues to bulldoze a path of their ever finetuned blend of punishing fast blackened hardcore with their offering "Midst of Night" diving more headfirst into their black metal influences - whereas Moral Void stick to a more aggressively punk side of things on their two tracks."


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