HF.15 - Retina - Demo EP
Release Date: December 25th, 2012
Format: Cassette

Pressing Info:
1st pressing:
/100 - pro-duplicated cassettes w/ Standard J-Card and Insert. Black Shells w/ White Imprint

"Retina was only a band for about one year and mostly just played in Greensboro and the surrounding region which is a fucking shame. Crust punk done in the vain of Fall of Efafra, Ekkaia, Vestiges, etc and done to perfection. if this band had got out there to more peoples ears they've a household crust punk name. Unfortunately they called it quits after about a year and fortunately members have went on to create other great bands in the area. this 3 song demo are the only tracks I know of that they recorded and simply put are amazing if you dig crust punk, or "neo-crust" or whatever kid are calling it these days you should look them up."


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