HF.12 - Lung Matter - Sever All Ties EP
Co-released with Legitimate Business
Release Date: November 10th, 2012
Format: Cassette

Pressing Info:
1st pressing:
/100 - pro-duplicated cassettes w/ standard J-card. White Shells w/ Blue Imprint.

"The first of a few teamups we've done with Legitimate Business, this time a young Raleigh band blew his mind while recording them and we did tapes for them, they were so unfortunately shortlived they broke up before the tapes were out, and for those that are lucky enough to have found one on the ground, got one for free with your order or snagged one in the free bin at Sorry State you are in for a treat.

They wrote/recorded one hell of a short pissed off hardcore punk EP here. wish we could have got to see more! Members went on and continue to play in other bands, You can currently find their Drummer Connor jetsetting around the world to find the #1 Waffle House in the nation and drumming for Cro-Mags (or is he?!)"


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