HF.11 - Discourse - Self-Titled EP
Co-released with Bitter Melody Records
Release Date: September 29th, 2012
Format: Vinyl

Pressing Info:
1st pressing
Two sided foldover cover.
#/20 - Label Test Press w. Chokehold - Instilled Rip covers
/100 - Clear Vinyl w. Standard Cover.
/100 - Grey Vinyl w. Standard Cover.
/200 - Black Vinyl w. Standard Cover.
#/50 - Black Vinyl w. Preorder Cover, 25 available from each label.
#/50 - Black Vinyl w. Record Release Cover, available exlusively at Southeast Hardcore Fest II in Columbia, SC

2nd pressing
Reverse Board Matte Finish Glue Pocket Covers and two-sided insert.
/100 - Translucent Blue Vinyl w. Standard Cover (Band Exclusive)
/200 - Translucent Gold Vinyl w. Standard Cover
/200 - Translucent Gold Vinyl w. Standard Cover

"Discourse was a straight-edge hardcore band from Columbia SC who play a more sincere and down to earth blend of modern straight edge hardcore which pays homage to a lot of great mid/late 90s hardcore bands that came before them. angst ridden, well spoken, and heavy. They were one of the bands leading the charge on the forefront of modern metallic hardcore. They ended up doing a 2nd EP "Curse of Consciousness" with Mayfly and a final LP "Sanity Decays" via Closed Casket Activities. R.I.P.

Side A of this EP was originally slated to be on a split 7in that another label cancelled, so Bitter Melody and I combined forces to release it along with their full demo on the B-side."


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