HF.01 - V/A - Open the Cages; Free Your Mind CD
Co-released with xCatalystx Records
Release Date: June 1st, 2007
Format: CD
Pressing Info: 1000 Pro-Duplicated CD's in regular jewel cases.
preorders came with a black and white mini-zine

Bands included: Trial (US), 7 Generations (US), Requiem (US), Giant (US), This Time Tomorrow (US), xRisenx (US), Confronto (Brazil), Nueva Etica (Argentina), xEye of Judgementx (Netherlands), Kingdom (US), Gather (US), Attrition (US), The Swords (Germany), Socialized Crucifixion (US), Live For This (Brazil), Overstate (Brazil), xFisticuffsx (US), I Object (US), Day of Suffering (US), ALguna Vez Fui Ciego (Mexico), In First Person (US), Birthright (US), Oubliette (US), 1122 (US), and New Winds (Portugal) with all money benefiting the Shac 7


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