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Website overhaul (sorta)!
  3/5/2017 by RiveraXVX
Welcome to the slightly overhauled www.headfirstrecords.com it is nothing fancy but a couple years ago when I pulled the old site down I put up a temporary splash page to direct to the important functions of the label and intended on working on the new site quickly thereafter. life got in the way of that and almost 3 years later the new site still wasn't even started on. (I do all design/coding/etc myself and although in mid to late 90s and on into the early 00's I knew my way around well..these days I'm a bit of a dinosaur) A few nights ago armed with my handy notepad++ editor I got to work feverishly pecking away coming up with a new simple dumbed down site for all the important information. no real bells and whistles needed, but should get the job done! anyway still a work in progress as per all websites - if you have any troubles with the site or notice anything out of whack. drop me a line and I'll take a look at it!

Distro update from Escapist Records!
  2/14/2017 by RiveraXVX
got some new titles added into the shop from our friends over at Escapist Records!

Foxfires - Pinetum LP (Clear/Violet Slatter)
Reverse the curse - Existent LP
Wasted Blood - Void LP (Cream/Black Splatter)
Light Years - Just Between Us... 7in (Yellow/Blue Split)
Placeholder / Sleeping Weather - Split 7in (Blood Orange)
Foxfires - The Golden Age 7in (Green)
Law - Demo 7in (black)

Head to the store to check those out.

Riot Stares - S/T EP out now!
  12/03/2016 by RiveraXVX
Available and shipping now via Headfirst! Records and Bitter Melody Records.

1st pressing is as follows:
/300 white vinyl
/300 green vinyl
all are housed in a full color heavy duty reverse board glue pocket cover, with insert and digital download. if you are lucky you are one of the ones that was able to snag a tour press in special packaging from the band on tour this week /25

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