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Want your bands music posted up here? Contact via contact page above, or e-mail us at info at headfirstrecords dot com and please include all relevant info for the release as well as the download link. we reserve the right to post or not post music as we see fit- but will keep an open ear to anything!

H E A D F I R S T   R E L E A S E S
HF.33/BMR 40: Riot Stares - Self-Titled EP download 320kbps 33.60MB BUY
HF.30: Future Primitive - Over It EP download 320kbps 25MB BUY
HF.29: Wake of Humanity - At Capacity EP download 320kbps 22.30MB BUY
HF.28: Gut Feeling - S/T (2015) EP download 320kbps 25.30MB BUY
HF.27/BMR 30: Funeral Chic - V.I.T.O.A. EP download 320kbps 24.5MB BUY
HF.25: False Light - Forced By Flame EP download 320kbps 26MB BUY
HF.22: Totally Slow - Self-Titled LP stream it xxxkbps xx.xxMB BUY
HF.21: Mourning Cloak - No Visible Light LP stream it xxxkbps xx.xxMB BUY
HF.20: Holder's Scar - 2013 CS download 320kbps 18.9MB BUY
HF.18: Autarch - The Death of Actiacus LP download 320kbps 78.28MB BUY
HF.17: Young and in the Way / Moral Void EP download 320kbps 16.75MB N/A
HF.16/BMR 16: Gut Feeling - S/T EP download 320kbps 16.35MB BUY
HF.15: Retina - Demo EP download 320kbps 62.20MB N/A
HF.14: False Light - Self-Titled EP download 320kbps 31MB N/A
HF.13: Torch Runner - Locust Swarm EP download 192kbps 25MB BUY
HF.12:Lung Matter - Sever all Ties EP download 320kbps 10MB N/A
HF.11:Discourse - Self-Titled EP download 320kbps 26.15MB BUY
HF.10:Low Sky - How to Kiss EP download 320kbps 30MB BUY
HF.09:Parasitic Skies / Losing Skin split EP download 320kbps 37MB BUY
HF.08:Bullshit Tradition - Empty Eyes Demo download 320kbps 43.78MB N/A
HF.07:Young and in the Way/Torch Runner 7" download 320kbps 23.84MB N/A
HF.06:Vestiges - The Descent of Man download 320kbps 99.55MB N/A
HF.05:Band Of Mercy - Vegan Power+4 download 320kbps 24.18MB N/A
HF.04:Low Sky - Led Zeppelin House Show download 128kbps 16.32MB BUY
HF.03:Starve - Demo MMX download 192kbps 22.32MB BUY
HF.02:Band of Mercy - Demo download 160kbps 7.97MB N/A
O   T   H   E   R     R   E   L   E   A   S   E   S
Seventh Circle (BELGIUM) - Self-Titled EP (2014) download 320kbps 28.69 N/A
Autarch (NC)- Autarch EP (2012) download 320kbps 44.95 N/A
An Alarm (DC) - Demo (2004) download 320kbps 20.49 N/A
Dead Icons (KY) / Unrestrained (VT) Split (2009) download 320kbps 40.14MB N/A
Dead Icons (KY) - Vultures EP (2010) download 320kbps 16.03MB N/A
Undying (NC)- Demo (1999) download 320kbps 33.45MB N/A

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