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got questions? need to get in touch? one address to rule them all:
info at headfirstrecords dot com

Band Submissions
We do take submission via e-mail however we are rarely looking for new bands to work with and usually are more the types to seek out the bands we'd like to work with rather than vice versa. If you are familiar with what we do and think your band might be a good fit, feel free to get in touch, at worst I'll give it a listen and some feedback usually.

A simple description of the band/lyrical content and link to download or stream what you'd consider your best material (IE: please don't do a iphone recorded practice space recording of one of your songs, you plan on recording in 3 months and go "I know the quality on this is crap, but it sorta gives you the idea!" (you'd be amazed)

Wholesale Information
We offer wholesale directly to stores, labels and distros on our full catalog of vinyl releases. All inquiries should be sent to:
info at headfirstrecords dot com

The following distributors carry a partial selection of our catalog:
RevHQ (US):
Ebullition (US):

If you are looking to find a distro that carries our releases or are looking for a specific release where you live, get in touch and we can try to help you out!

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